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Manners Mentor FAQ's

What sets Maralee McKee's Manners that Matter™ curriculum apart from other etiquette programs?
There are so many differences it's hard to know where to start! Here are the top five reasons Maralee's program is the 21st Century standard bearer of manner and etiquette programs and why you'll be proud to present it!
Our dream team knows how to touch the hearts and minds of children, tweens and young teens. To bring her knowledge and vision to life Maralee partnered with members who have worked on projects for: Veggie Tales, American Girl, Cartoon Network, Hermie and Friends, Billy Graham Ministries and more!
Our full color program is easy for you to learn and use! You'll be a pro after a class or two! It's modern, engaging and memory making! Our activities, fun sheets, handouts and quality crafts jump off the pages and into the hearts and minds of your students! They'll want to come back to you to experience more!
This is the largest etiquette program in existence! It allows children to return to you up to 54 times between kindergarten and eighth grade for classes lasting between 60 and 90- minutes each. You'll be a true Mentor in the life of your students and make excellent repeat income.
You're part of our brand! You're not on your own after you purchase your curriculum. You don't have to create your own website, brochures, ads, business identity package, and make a name for yourself. This saves you thousands of dollars and years of time. Moms will soon be asking each other, "Does your child attend 'Manners Mentor' classes?" The same way they now ask each other if their child is enrolled in Gymboree® or Kindermusik®.
You have 24/7 access to our on-line Manners Mentor community to grow your business. Ask questions, share best practices, make friends with other Manners Mentors. Receive continued training via on-going recorded seminars, special speakers and more. Interact with our staff specialists in the following areas: teaching, on-line marketing, and technology. Be spiritually strengthened and encouraged by on own Manners Mentor Titus 2 Mentor as she shares devotionals and takes prayer requests for you. Plus, attend our Manners Mentor Celebration every-other-year to hear nationally recognized speakers, enjoy famous recording artists, fun break-out sessions and much, much more. (Think "Women of Faith" conference, but just for us! Fun!)
What are some reasons ladies will decide to become Manners Mentors (TM)?

With 5000 Manners Mentors at a time there will be many reasons ladies choose to join us. Here are what we believe to be the top five

To combine their heart for service with their desire to operate their own business
For the excellent income potential
To influence the lives of this generation and leave behind a legacy
To expend their personal influence and base of knowledge and be known as their community's modern Manners Mentor
For the personal satisfaction and pride of being part of an exclusive group of like-minded woman who share a common goal of making a difference in the lives of their families, this generation and their communities
Other etiquette programs require consultants to come to them for several days or more of in-person training. Why don't you? Will I receive on-going training?

We use 21st Century technology that saves you travel time, money, and the hassle of having to move heaven and earth to find someone to help with your family while you're away for training. Everything you would hear in person is included on your training DVD. Watch it at your convenience while your child naps or is at school, late at night, or when you have a quiet hour during the day. Start and stop it whenever you like, and take notes at your leisure. Read through your included Manners Mentor Business Manual and you'll have everything you need to start and run your business quickly and easily. Plus, don't forget our active on-line community. With our program your training isn't limited to three to five days. There's always something new and it's available to you 24/7... at your convenience!

Will I be called a "Certified Etiquette Consultant?"
To distinguish ourselves from the norm you will have the privilege of aligning with our brand and become an "Independent Manners Mentor™!" On your certification diploma you will also be shown to be an exclusive member of our "Circle of 5000!"

Once I'm a Manners Mentor may I call Maralee to ask her questions?
With 5000 Mentors there won't be enough hours in her day! Maralee has an intensive writing and speaking schedule that consumes her working hours and a growing family that needs her attention and care each evening. E-mail your question to and Ms. Tia Friedman in our office will make sure that one of our Manners Mentor staff responds within 48 hours Monday through Friday. With advance notice, Maralee McKee is available to offer personal coaching. This might be just what you want to take your business to the next level! Like all top-level coaching, her services will be an investment in your business. Maralee is available for 50-minute telephone coaching sessions. The rate is $250 each session and is paid via credit or debit card prior to your phone session at the time your appointment is set. To schedule a date and time e-mail (Include your phone number so she can call you to set the appointment.)

Will I be able to interact with other Manners Mentors to share best business practices, trade ideas and make friends?
Of course! We are excited about our on-line community and making it everything it can be! Stay connected, make life-long friends, receive encouragement and inspiration, and share best business practices!
What are Manners Mentors Celebrations?
These two-night celebrations will be a time to meet in person, laugh, learn, and be entertained and inspired! Held every-other-year in different locations, you'll experience nationally known speakers and recording artists and come home refreshed, refueled and with a heart full of new memories! As the time approaches for our first retreat in mid-September of 2012 in Orlando, Florida we'll share all the details.
Must I spend time, money, and effort coming up with my own business name, branding and identity, brochures, website, business cards, stationery and so on?
We've done it all for you! When you partner with us you can focus on your family, students and making income. From day one you'll be representing yourself and your business with professionally designed and impacting branding.
Do I keep all the money I earn, or is this a multi-tiered selling program where I keep only a portion of my profits and send the rest back to the corporate office?
The money is all yours! Simply purchase your Manners Mentor curriculum. Your only ongoing costs are for the class handouts you must purchase, any marketing materials you want (business cards, brochures, and so on) and your annual license fee.
How much is my annual licensing fee and what does it cover?
Your annual license fee is just $295. It helps cover the operating expenses of the home office and renews your place as a Manners Mentor and a member of our exclusive Circle of 5000.
When is my annual licensing fee due and how is it paid?
Your annual license fee is due on your anniversary date and is paid via the debit or credit card you used to purchase your curriculum. A reminder e-mail will be sent prior to your card being charged and a receipt will be sent afterwards.
What happens if I don't renew my license?
If you choose to not renew your license, another person will be allowed to take your place as a Manners Mentor and a member of the Circle of 5000. You will no longer be licensed to teach our classes and your access to the web site and all other Manners Mentor items will end.
How do you help me promote my classes?
As we grow our brand, the success of each Manners Mentor is a success for all of us! We promote you by providing your own free web page on our site and beautiful and impacting marketing materials and brochures you can buy at low prices.
Am I limited to teaching in a certain territory?
You may teach wherever doors are opened for you. For instance, if your sister or former college roommate invites you to teach a class or course in her city or state you're free to accept her offer and share these life changing skills with the children in that area.
Why does this program stop after eighth grade? What about high school and beyond?
After teaching for more than twelve years I understand that while these skills are so needed and helpful to high school students the classes for them hardly ever fill. The best time to reach children with these skills is between kindergarten and eighth grade when they are more receptive to attending classes. I didn't want to charge you extra money for something you have very little chance of earning income from teaching. We're starting with what my experience has shown attracts paying students. We do have plans to expand our curriculum to high school and college in the next few years. This will be perfect for when your sixth through eighth grade students are ready to enter high school, or for high school teachers and church leaders. You'll be able to purchase these additional lessons for a very reasonable price.
Why did you choose to limit the numbers of Manners Mentors™ to 5000 at a time in the United States?
Some business advisors told me that this opportunity would be so in demand that I shouldn't limit the number of Manners Mentors. Considering there are 75 million moms in the United States with children 18 and under and that there are about 75,000 kitchen ware consultants, 1.7 million make up consultants, and more than 50,000 scrapbooking consultants I would make much more money by not capping the number. Despite all this, It was important to me not to flood the market. I want each Manners Mentor to have a large pool of students. After months of praying about how many ladies to open the opportunity to, one day while sitting in church I was struck with the fact that our sanctuary holds about 5000 people. At that instant I heard a still voice say, "I fed 5000. Now you feed 5000." My prayer was answered and the number was set in my heart and in stone!
How much money can I earn as a Manners Mentor ™?
Laws don't allow me to speculate about how much money you will earn. Check out what tutors (not babysitters) in your area are charging per hour. The skill set you offer is much rarer than anything a regular tutor offers. You need to charge at least that per hour and probably more! There is a chapter dedicated to this in your Manners Mentor Business Manual with many examples. In general, charge $25 per hour for each student. Teach a Saturday two-hour seminar to just six students and you've grossed $300! Here's one suggestion for a teaching day. Teach a morning seminar to younger students, say from 10 AM till noon, and an afternoon session for sixth through eighth grade students from 2 PM till 4 PM. Then, teach an evening session for third through fifth graders so that Mom and Dad can enjoy a date night from 6:30 PM till 8:30 PM. One day, just six students per class, three classes, only six total hours of teaching= $900! That's impressive!
Is this a Christian or secular curriculum?
Our curriculum is unique in that it's both! Used on its own it's perfect for use in any setting including public schools. Use the separate "Connection to Christ" module written by a Veggie Tales® writer (It's included free with your purchase!) and you have the Biblical application to the lesson and an amazing activity that memorably demonstrates the connection.
What is included in my business-in-a-box Maralee McKee's Manners that Matter™ curriculum kit?
You will receive the three Manners Mentor Teaching Manuals with easy, fully scripted, step-by-step templates for teaching each of the 18 lessons in the three grade groups. (That's a total of 54 lessons!) You'll also receive your Manners Mentor Business Manual that shows how to easily set up and run your independent business. Your "Connection to Christ" book written by a Veggie Tales writer that shares the Biblical connection of each of the 54 lessons is also included. Plus, there's your training DVD where I take you step-by-step through the template for a lesson. Learn one and you know them all! Our dream team really did make it easy for you! On the same DVD is master teacher Beth McNatt. She shares with you best teaching practices for each grade level. Also included are four posters to decorate your teaching location. There's a poster for each grade level featuring their class mascot. The fourth poster is our Manners Motto for use with all three grade levels. A fun fork, (Yes, a fork, you'll have to see it! Your students will love it!) and a beautiful tote for your materials.
How do I receive the student fun sheets, parent notes and other handouts for the curriculum that I'll need to use as I teach my classes?
Log into the Manners Mentor only section of the website and order them directly from the distribution center we have partnered with for your convenience. Your papers will be quickly shipped to your home address (no PO Boxes) neatly shrunk wrapped in batches of 15. This saves you time, money, (We buy in bulk and pass the savings onto you!) and hassle from having to go to an office supply store and stand there making copy after copy!
Why can't I make my own copies at home or at my local office supply store?
Our home office buys class handouts in bulk. We did the research. Your price will be lower than either at your local office store or printing them out on your home computer. Plus, your copies will be laser printed on high quality paper making sure that the colors are crisp and clear showing the mascots and characters in the true light of the artists who crafted them. This also insures that all "Manners Mentors" materials are of high quality. If one Mentor would print something out in black-and-white to save a few pennies she would negatively impact our shared brand identity.
What other items will I need to purchase to run my business?
Not much! A computer (but you probably already have that if you're reading this web site!) a few notebooks and some simple classroom and craft supplies: a folding card table, a white board with a stand, markers and eraser, safety scissors, glue sticks, children's markers, washable paint, paint brushes and so on. All the items can be purchased at your favorite discount retailer and craft store and should cost you less than $200. A complete shopping list is in your Manners Mentor Business Manual to make it easy for you.
May I allow others to use the curriculum I purchase to teach their own classes?
Only members of the Circle of 5000 are certified Independent Manners Mentors. No one else may use the curriculum. Please consult your on-line contract on the payment page for legal details.
What is the financial investment to become a Manners Mentor ™ and an elite member of the Circle of 5000 ™?
You can expand your influence, live out your faith, influence a generation, and earn welcomed income for an investment of just $3295. Using the example we used above in the "How much can I earn as a Manners Mentor" FAQ you could pay off your investment in four part- time days of teaching! Amazing!
You could charge a whole lot more money than you do. Why are you offering the opportunity to become a Manners Mentor at this low price?
I want this opportunity to be available to every woman who wants to add a new chapter to her life. These skills changed my life. Now I want to pass along this joy to you! Etiquette has evolved. It's no longer time for it to hold up in the ivory tower world of the social elite. Modern etiquette is meant to live out its precepts in the interactions of everyday Americans. Our Manners Mentors aren't of the silver spoon set! We are women who care about the path of today's youth and want to share with them skills to shine in every encounter. We aren't of an elite social set; we're of a shared heart and mind set.
Are payment plans available?
Convenient payment plans are available. There is an additional charge for this option.
May I use my credit or debit card?
We accept debit cards and all major credit cards for your convenience.
Is there a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee?
There is a thirty day, no-risk, and 100% money back guarantee. If you review your materials and in thirty days or less decide being a Manners Mentor isn't for you, simply mail your items back to us in brand new condition. You'll receive a full refund including shipping.
How should I define my success as a Manners Mentor™?
Success as a Manners Mentor isn't defined by the amount of money you earn (although the money is welcomed) or by the number of students you teach this year. You're a successful Manners Mentor if:
Your students smile, laugh and learn during class.
A parent says, "Thank you! You've made a difference!"
You see a shy student volunteer to come out of his or her comfort zone in class and share or participate.
Your students ask their parents if they can come back.
You go to bed tired but knowing you did a good thing today.
A kindergarten through second-grade student says, "I love you!" or "You're nice!"
A third through fifth grade student eagerly raises his or her hand to participate!
A sixth through eighth grade student starts to talk in class about other etiquette "stuff" they wish people knew and would follow!
You tear up as you say, "Goodbye" to students on the last day of a course.
Parents recommend your class to a friend of theirs.
Your nervousness for teaching turns into excitement to meet your new group of students.
You feel in your heart in the middle of teaching a class that there is nowhere in the world you should be right now than where you are!
You like what you do and are proud of your Manners Mentor business!
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